Our company

Our company

Our company core business is the design and the manufacture of CNC gear cutting machines: highly customized solutions as far as shaping, hobbing and shaving machines, hob sharpeners and other complementary systems.

Complete supplies

Not only gear machines

Our company supports the Customer in every phase of the supply, starting from the preliminary feasibility study up to the post-sale, following him in highly customized projects and “turnkey” solutions.
We can also guarantee complete supplies by offering a large range of complementary products and by designing specific equipment answering any particular Customer’s needs.
The whole supply chain is managed directly and internally in our two plants located in Gaggio Montano, from the design to the tooling, including software and programming. We also offer training and after-sale assistance, including Industry 4.0 and its documents preparation.

Gear machines from 60 years

Our story

Comur was established in 1963 thanks to the passion of Mr.Enzo Tonelli, who came from a long experience in the historical DEMM company. Comur has been operating in the gear machines sector for over 60 years with Mr.Enzo’s son Adolfo and his wife Rita. Nowadays the company is managed by the third generation of Tonelli’s Michela and Matteo.
It has started as a small workshop operating in the overhauling and it has then differentiated its business from retrofitting to the manufacture of new CNC machines, focusing mainly on the gear cutting machines sector.
This change led to a growth and innovation process still on-going today. This brought the company not only to expand, but to structure itself as strong firm in the sector and to establish itself as one of the leading companies among the gear machines manufacturers.

Our mission

Keep tradition and craftsmanship alive to listening and Customer care, together with the passion for excellence and continuous improvement, to spread Italian quality throughout the world.
The winning formula that distinguishes us from all other sector companies is the combination of tradition and innovation, high quality while maintaining at the same time simple and direct relationship with the Customer.