The large number of machines proposed is able to respond to a wide range of production needs, for toothing diameters from 0 mm up to 3000 mm and for modules from 0 mm to over 30 mm.

In this way, it is transversally linked to all the applications related to the macro-sector of power transmission.

Innovation and reliability

Comur quality

Our products quality is based on over 60 years of experience in the gear machinery sector and on the continuous search for innovation and improvement. The direct and internal management of the entire supply chain allow a very high control on all phases and guarantees the product reliability and the flexibility towards the Customer.
Each system is equipped with the latest available technologies and set up with the best components on the market, making it not only in line with the CE regulations relating to workplace safety but also with the most advanced digitalisation and Industry 4.0 criteria.
Software part is a fundamental aspect of our company policy, unlike competitors there are no extra costs for software contents (licenses, work cycles, etc.), but all the basic functions and even the special ones are automatically available, even if they were developed in the past for specific requests. This means that each our set up system will include an increasingly rich range of new features.

Complete range

Our quality and reliability products are based on choice of the best components on the market and on a supply chain totally controlled and managed internally. Each machine is equipped with the latest technologies on the market, making it not only in line with the CE regulation on safety at work but also with the most advanced criteria of digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

Gear shaping machines

Gear hobbing machines

EVO line

Gear shaving machines

Why choose COMUR



Our quality is based on over 60 years of experience, on fully in-house managed supply chain and the use of the best components on the market.



Traditional craftsmanship that offers to the Customer a tailored approach by studying and designing customized machines according to production requirements.



The in-house handling of all the supply phases allows us to satisfy with great reactivity every customization, modification, integration or assistance request.


Complete supply

Wide range of complementary tooling and fixtures, loading systems, customized study and design, Industry 4.0, including the bureaucracy handling.


After-sale service

Direct relationship with our technicians with immediate telephone and remote assistance, on-site intervention in 24/48h in case of faults, spare parts availability in stock.