Our great passion and attention for the Customer encourage us to ensure him the maximum support, becoming not only a supplier of machines as well as of many other services.

Not only machines

Accessories and services

Our great attention to the Customer has led us to equip ourselves with a series of other complementary services to ensure complete solutions and maximum support.
Each Customer is followed starting from the preliminary design, through the study of any customization, also in the field of software and dedicated equipment, up to post-sales service, for which very fast reaction times are guaranteed thanks to the flexibility made possible by the smart company structure. If necessary, we can supply complementary systems to be joined to our machines, such as those dedicated to the chip compaction and related oil recovery, robot cells and much more.

Complementary Machines

We can study and supply various loading/unloading devices, both by equipping the machine itself or with external systems, satisfying any production requirement. In addition, we have available a wide range of subordinated equipment, such as chip compactors and oil recovery equipment. All the used products come from a consolidated network of partners which guarantee quality and reliability.

Design and fixtures supply

Comur’s customized design and consulting activities, exploiting the great internal know-how, allow us to produce dedicated solutions in the field of clamping devices and fixtures in general, aiming to deliver a global service and to provide fully customized systems in response to Customer needs.

After-sale service

Despite the great reliability of our machines, we guarantee an extremely efficient and responsive service, able to support the Customer within 24H if necessary, to minimize downtime. This company policy is a highly regarded feature of our service.

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – 5.0

The requirements of modern Industry 4.0 are largely met, and all our machines can be placed in a digitalised business context. There is also the possibility to provide the Customer with the necessary HD and SW infrastructure, as well as to manage the paperwork, all this through certified partners.

Our products also meet the energy saving criteria linked to the new 5.0, allowing to obtain the related integrative benefits.